Returns a JSON array containing any datasets with data available.
These are the same options seen in the dropdown menu for which year and month you want to view.

Dataset name format

OSMIndicates the map source Open Street Map2021The year08The month (August)

Example Output



Returns a JSON object containing a list oc countries where any amount of data is available.
valid indicates if the request was successful. If it is false, the contries array will
not be available, instead reason will be added containing a short string related to the issue.

Example Output

JSON output
                            "valid": true,
                                "countries": [
                                "Iran (Islamic Republic of)",
                                "Brunei Darussalam",
                                "Czech Republic",
                                "Aksai Chin",
                                "Syrian Arab Republic",
                                "Papua New Guinea",
                                "San Marino",
                                "American Samoa",
                                "U.K. of Great Britain and Northern Ireland",
                                "Saudi Arabia",
                                "Lao People's Democratic Republic",
                                "Bosnia & Herzegovina",
                                "United Arab Emirates",
                                "Democratic Republic of the Congo",
                                "Madeira Islands",
                                "Republic of Korea",
                                "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia",
                                "El Salvador",
                                "Democratic People's Republic of Korea",
                                "Holy See",
                                "United Republic of Tanzania",
                                "South Africa",
                                "Azores Islands",
                                "Arunachal Pradesh",
                                "United States of America",
                                "New Zealand",
                                "Russian Federation",
                                "Hala'ib Triangle",
                                "Libyan Arab Jamahiriya",
                                "French Guiana",


Returns the metrics at a given zoom 16 mercator tile.
Currently available metrics are:

Example outputs


{"valid":false,"reason":"No Data"}


    "valid": true,